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May We Introduce Ourselves....

  We Are LGK World Wide Trade, and we have been in the industry for 16+ years and we are here to make a difference in the trading industry. We have connections through out the world, and our mission is to prove that there are sincere and honest individual in this business. It is about building relationships and being transparant. The internet has caused things to move faster, however it has also caused lack of trust and more fraud to arise, than ever before. We work with various commodities from the most simplest to the more high end. This industry was built on old fashion meet and greet and nothing can replace that to give a seller and buyer the best comfort to do a honest business transaction. Because we believe in honesty and integrity, we continue to stay in this business to prevent fraudulent activity. When we cross fraud we not only report it, but we let our network know who they are that they may not be able to go elsewhere and try to do unscrupulous activties within the business. It may seem like a large industry but the real players are a small circle. We ask questions and we expect answers, and when a transaction does not go through we find out why so we do not step into that ring again. Sometimes it takes more than one try to accomplish the goal and we beleive in having back-ups because it is all about getting the buyer and seller on the same page.