International Trading

We give you concepts that create financial freedom.

About Us

        LGK was founded in 2002 in Detroit Michigan. Founder and CEO/President is Ms. Linda Kinsey. Ms. Kinsey brings to the company  over 30 years of business experience. Ms. Kinsey has a associates degree from Davenport University for Entrepreneurship. Ms. Kinsey has founded over 5 of her own businesses, and currently operates several other businesses outside of LGK World Wide Trade.  She is the founder of Pathway To Financial Freedom founded in 2011. Ms. Kinsey is also the founder of Affluence Music Publishing, which was founded in 2003. She is also in preparation of establishing transitional housing for the homeless throughout the United States, with 3-5 intake offices in all the states except Alaska, and Hawaii . We are a company that believe in treating others the way we would want to be treated, we stay focused. We operate in a professional manner at all times and expect the same of any client coming to us. 

Company Vision

        Our vision is to restore trust in business so that clients can be comfortable in their endeavors. We desire to stay in the trading industry to continue to have a presence of honesty and integrity and commitment. Where as so many others are just here for the money and move out and leave a gap in the trading industry for fraudsters to step in. We want to see all fake and fraudulent companies be removed from the industry and will do what ever we can to see that happen.

       It is the vision of this company to make this industry enjoyable, trustworthy, and profitable. We desire to utilize this industry as a tool to assist other impoverished people as well as nations. We realize that we have the capabilities to not only change ourselves but also to change our families, our neighborhoods, our communities, our country and thus the world!

Our vision is also help those that are not familiar with trading or HYIP type programs and meet them at their level of expectations. We work with many opportunities and nothing we offer we are not a part of ourselves. We take the time to find out what is the best for the client, and even though we don't offer any guarantees's we will walk with our clients until the end of their contract, or their decision to stop.